The Cauldron - the gamble paid off!

Landscape photography is unpredictable and therefore you need to ignore the weather forecast and get out into nature! I was reminded of this the past few weekends when faced with less than ideal weather conditions.

I have been climbing out of bed at 4:10am the past few weekends in order to be in Arniston at sunrise. The first weekend I had to deal with thick fog only to be replaced by dull grey skies the next.

On both occasions I chose to ignore the weather and headed out to the Cauldron anyway and boy was I happy that I did. I really enjoyed the challenge of working on a strong composition to counter the lack of light.

Texture is the key when the light is not ideal and I would like to think that I managed to achieve that.

This was taken the first weekend - I tried using the rocks in the foreground to lead one's eye to the Cauldron/bowl

Cauldron - #1.jpg

Low tide in this second image forced me to stand on the edge and look into the Cauldron/bowl. Please be VERY careful when near the sea/rocks as a freak wave can wash you out to sea!

Cauldron - #2.jpg

I challenge you to get out there despite the weather and take some amazing photos!

Till next time...