Mark’s passion for nature began at a very young age thanks to regular visits to Kruger National Park with his parents. It was during these trips that his love for the African Bush began and evolved into the full blown obsession it is today.

Based in Cape Town this photographer and nature enthusiast covers Landscape, Avian and Wildlife photography. When not in the office you will find him behind his lens!

His passion drives him to get out of bed at insane hours as photographers always chase the light.

There is nothing quite like the African Bush, the thrill of not knowing what lies around the next bend is exhilarating and leaves you wanting more.

When asked what inspires his photography the answer is always the same “It is simply the opportunity to capture a moment in time that is gone forever!"

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen's quote sums it up perfectly: "When the vision in your head becomes the lump in your throat, that's photography!" 

His love for photography not only allows him to capture these special moments through his lens for everyone to enjoy but hopefully also inspires people along the way to create memories of their own!