De Kelders Seascapes

De Kelders is a coastal village in the Overberg which is located 19km south-west of Stanford. The name is the Afrikaans word for “the cellars” which is derived from the caves found in the sandstone cliffs.

Exploring the various caves is one of the main attractions of the area – a few facts about the various caves:
a) De Kelders Cave – First visited in 1798 by Lady Anne Barnard and is the only freshwater cave along the coast of Africa.
b) Klipgat Cave – The most popular cave and where some of the oldest remains of modern man (homo sapiens) have been found.

The village is also well known for it’s land-based whale viewing which allows great opportunities to spot Southern Right whales that migrate to calve and nurse their young during the months of August-November each year.

From a photography perspective, the jagged shaped rocks really provide great compositional elements. The photo below is one of my favourites that I captured over the December holidays as it shows the energy of the water flowing around the central rock formation.

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