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Arniston Seascapes

Arniston is a small seaside fishing village close to the Southern Most Tip of Africa – Cape Agulhas. The village was named after the vessel called the “Arniston” that wrecked in 1815 killing 372 of the 378 souls onboard.
You might also hear it called Waenshuiskrans, an Afrikaans word meaning Wagon House Cliff because there is a cave in one of the cliffs that is so big that you can actually turn a wagon with horses around inside it – amazing!

This is a location that must be added to a landscape photographer’s bucketlist not only because of the cave but also as the sandstone creates amazing texture/contrast.

My favourite spot in Arniston is called the Cauldron which is actually a shelf of rocks that causes the sea to “swirl” through the opening before being sucked back out to sea – it is really fascinating to photograph and illustrates the flow of water.

Before heading out there, it is critical that you factor the following points into your planning:
1) Cave can only be accessed at low tide
2) Sunrise location for photography
3) Cauldron best photographed at low tide pushing towards high tide as you need enough water to fill the “bowl”

The arch:

The Cauldron:

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